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With prices rising rapidly, many are wondering if there is anything they can do to help curb costs to save money. In our recent article, “Budget crisis: How to save money by tailoring your tech,” our CEO, Al Kingsley, discusses how to save money by using effective technology.

According to Al, a thorough tech audit is a top priority: “A tech audit should detail your school’s assets and devices, current edtech and other software, and clarify the purpose they serve. It may turn out your schools’ needs have changed and some of these software subscriptions can be discontinued. If technology is not time- and cost-saving for staff, then it’s not doing its job. On the other hand, schools using multiple edtech platforms may find there is a single platform that offers multiple solutions to meet their needs and make the budget go further.”

Learn more by reading the full article below. Plus, check out our education software to discover the cost-saving benefits.