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When it comes to keeping their trust operating efficiently, Leigh Academies Trust counts on our IT asset management software, NetSupport DNA, to support 31 schools across their trust to help them overcome their challenges. 

Discover what Leigh Academies Trust had to say about NetSupport DNA and how helped with their safeguarding needs: 

“In a safeguarding sense, technology is key, but safeguarding using technology can be quite difficult; this is because children don’t always choose to share what they’re doing – and we had no way of seeing it! We therefore relied on a level of trust between the teachers, pupils and parents. However, with NetSupport DNA, we can pick up on anything that might need to be noted, as well as being able to send alerts regarding any improper language or subjects that are being discussed – potential safeguarding concerns. The DSL can therefore pick up issues at the source, so it is quite a powerful tool.” 

Find out more by reading the full review below to learn how NetSupport DNA helps Leigh Academies Trust. Plus, click here to learn more about NetSupport DNA and discover how it can help your school or trust create a safer learning environment while saving time, money and maximising resources.