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There’s no getting away from it, being aware of what children’s interests are isn’t an easy thing to stay on top of. As a parent, whether it’s Fortnite, Roblox, Lego, the latest fist bump fad of ‘cabbage’ or even staying informed about of the latest trends in online safety, it’s always a challenge!

A young person’s online world can consist of numerous platforms and approaches – from social media and online games to websites, podcasts and video-sharing platforms – and all are easily reached from their laptops, mobile phones and tablets. With them being available and accessible 24/7/365, this opens up many online risks – from grooming, cyberbullying, radicalisation, to sexting and more. This means it’s never been more important to help educate but also support young people about the potential threats that are out there, how to navigate them successfully and, of course, all the while sharing how to be a good digital citizen and how to keep themselves safe online.

What to do?

From the guidance shared in the ISTE Standards, to KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education), to CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) to our very own Online Safety Guide for 2022, there’s a lot of help, support and guidance on what you should be doing in your school.

You’ll be meeting the requirements and regulations for your geography to both protect learners in your establishments and meet local government regulations. From filtering internet connections to supporting students with online safety, digital citizenship and literacy learning opportunities, there’s lots that you’ll be doing. How though, can you take the temperature of the issues taking place inside your own school? How can you find out the latest trending topics for discussion that are on the minds of your learners?

It is imperative and helpful to know both what your students are talking about and the technology they’re using. Particularly if you’re the person leading on technology where you don’t get to visit school campuses frequently yet are expected to make decisions about what is needed without having all the information to hand.

One way is to collaborate and work with department heads from the different campuses and curate that information into one central point; however, all of that is costly in terms of the time it takes. Sometimes, you need to know more quickly if there’s an issue, rather than wait for a termly report.

We are here to help!

One solution is to turn to technology that does that for you. Technology that superintendents, school or MAT leaders can rely on that will curate all of the salient information they need to be tracking in their schools but perhaps find difficult because of the constraints of pulling it all together.

Enter the award-winning NetSupport DNA and its superb features that do all of that for you in a heartbeat.

From gathering information on trending topics for online safety with its fantastic word cloud, to device usage, the key applications or web tools being utilised, it’s all there for you to pick up and look at.

Shared recently in a case study about his school’s use of NetSupport DNA, Deputy Head and Safeguarding lead, Mat Round commented:

“The compliance aspect is key and NetSupport DNA ensures compliance, with confidence, to ensure you are on top of that. Having access to NetSupport DNA allows us to be reflective and reactive so that we can do far more than just be compliant. Our ability to be responsive to the needs of our student community is so important and, as such, DNA gives us the reassurance and flexibility to be able to both augment and be flexible with our programs at the school and the curriculum as required, based on the needs of our students.”

An informed decision is a good decision and with that in mind, the contextual reporting and helpful features of NetSupport DNA mean that you will never find yourself wanting for the latest important information on what is ‘on trend’ in your establishment.

Learn more by visiting our specific NetSupport DNA site.