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Taking place annually on the 10th October since 1992, World Mental Health Day is an event organised in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). The aim of the day is to shine some light on the subject of mental health, in attempt to mobilise efforts in support, as well as providing an opportunity for stakeholders who work on such issues to discuss their work.

One of the larger elements being emphasised this year is suicide and suicide prevention – an ever growing issue – with the WHO reporting one death every 40 seconds (2018 stat).

“The world is experiencing the unprecedented impact of the current global health emergency due to COVID-19 that has also impacted on the mental health of millions of people. We know that the levels of anxiety, fear, isolation, social distancing and restrictions, uncertainty and emotional distress experienced have become widespread as the world struggles to bring the virus under control and to find solutions” – these are the words of Dr Ingrid Daniels, President of the WFMH. From this small snippet of a much larger statement, it is clearer than ever that mental health can affect anyone, especially in current circumstances.

In order to support mental health, our classroom management solution, NetSupport School, and IT management solution, NetSupport DNA, can provide schools with a combination of tools and vital insights to give teachers a window into how their students feel and the issues they may be dealing with – as well as allowing technicians to provide a safe learning environment. In NetSupport DNA, safeguarding staff can use tools to review concerning trends, high-risk events and vulnerable students’ activity – a contextual AI risk analysiscan also help place focus where there is more likely to be genuine danger. Using theStudent Feedback Modein NetSupport School means you can capture the feelings of an individual pupil who may not feel comfortable verbally talking about their stress and worries.

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